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Call Center CUstomer care Services

Our people work directly with your team to become part of your team. We assign dedicated people to your practice and they work from our state of the art HIPAA compliant headquarters but on your PM/EHR system, on your phones, and with your protocols. We often augment existing call centers but can also provide 100% coverage if that is preferred. Our professional HIPAA compliant call center team is 100% English proficient, and we also can provide Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Slavic language speakers.

All staff graduate from a rigorous customer service training program before they work with clients. They are specifically chosen for their intelligence and pleasant, positive, empathetic, and professional attitude. They respond promptly and appropriately to customer needs, complaints, and questions. Your VRS call team typically works during your normal business hours but can offer extended hours if you prefer.


Key to the process is establishing a remarkably close working relationship with our practices. We sweat the details as to schedules, office locations, doctors, and specific doctor preferences on patient type. Together we develop protocols, custom call scripts, and how best to take HIPAA compliant notes and messages. We also provide detailed monthly reports on our performance so you understand how many calls are being answered and what if any problems or issues are encountered.

Privacy and HIPAA compliance is a cornerstone of our service as is becoming an integral part of your team. Please contact us to learn more about our professional call center customer care service and how we might be able to augment your practice.

We can support your practice and increase your bottom line.

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