Jim Rinker

Partner, Consultant

Jim Rinker is a senior sales and operations executive with experience spanning in a variety of industries. Jim has a strong background in manufacturing and logistics with emphasis on lean and continuous process improvement working in companies like CSD, Environomics Inc, and Interlake Material Handling, but his experience as Vice President of BeneScript now Optum, United Healthcare had led him to great success in pharmacy benefit management.

His responsibilities span from: general management, strategic planning, sales management, marketing and talent development.

Jim actively takes part in volunteering activities regarding poverty alleviation and children’s rights. Jim is a member of DuPage Pads, the largest and only non-restrictive shelter in the community. DuPagePads has assisted more than 28,000 people, provided nearly 700,000 nights of shelter and over 2,000,000 meals.

He’s also a member of the allocation committee at the Exchange Club of Naperville, where he’s responsible for allocating funds, raised through Ribfest, to the numerous charities that submit applications.

Phone: 630-841-6710

Email: jim@vrsbilling.com

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